Facts & Systems July 3

3PM - Parasite Eve: Mitochondria and the HeLa cell line (immortal women part 2).

Janina Pedan will give a general introduction to mitochondria, a small organelle inside the cell, governing essential biological functions like sex, death and energy production.
The immortal qualities of Parasite Eve, a fictional computer-game character, which were based on scientific research related to mitochondria and their evolution, will be examined. Following up is the 'immortal' woman Henrietta Lacks whose cancer-cells have been artificially grown for medical research since the 1950's. The cell culture derived from her deadly disease has by now outnumbered her body weight hundreds of times, leading some people to suggest that these should be classified as a separate species. Both of these women are linked by fascinating biological processes that question the limits drawn between life and death.

SCREENING: Adam Curtis vintage documentary from 1997 about Lacks called 'Way of all flesh'.

5 PM - 'I once loved you in a parallel universe'
- a talk and screening about virtual reality in film by Adam Christensen.

SCREENING: Anything from Adam´s extensive collection of virtual-reality films.