POLYGON WINDOW, an evening of shapes

Tuesday July 5
7 PM
From Growth and Form

Jack Brennan outlines ideas from classicist, mathematician, and biologist D'Arcy Thompson's magnum opus, On Growth and Form. A fringe figure in his time, Thompson's beliefs in the underlying geometric harmony of nature echo the Pythagoreans more than his Darwinist peers, but his mathematical approach to biological analysis anticipates a host of modern developments, from biophysics to cybernetics. Here, Thompson's diverse viewpoints at a time of phylogenetic hegemony in research will be celebrated; so too his intricate and phonetically stunning prose:

"Among the alcyonarian zoophytes we have a great variety of spicules, which are sometimes straight and slender rods, sometimes flattened and more or less striated plates, and still more often disorderly aggregations of microcrystals, in the form of rounded or branched concretions with rough or knobby surfaces"


Sacred Geometry and the Cosmic Yonii

Leila Dear presents a workshop concerning the principles of Euclidean geometric constructions and the generation of sacred tessellating patterns in Islamic art and elsewhere. Straight edge and compasses will be provided.